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    Your industrial zone in the heart of Central Europe

    17-26.000 m² Warehouse and Production space + 2500 m² Office

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  • Industrial Park in Central Europe

    Welcome to PPG Industrial Park – Optimal Site for your Production, set in the Smart Location proven by the World’s Leading Producers.

    17-26.000 m² Warehouse and Production space + 2500 m² Office

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Warehouse available:
17.500 m²

Adjustable & expandable
to the tenant´s needs


Lands & Buildings

All the lands and buildings of PPG Industrial Park are owned by one legal person – PPGemer. There are no unsettled claims on this property. The lands indicated as Expansion are owned by four separate owners, all of them expressed preliminary interest to sell. Map of all lands listed below are available upon request.

PPG Land:
Total 118.000 sq m
Industrial Production 52.000 sq m
Build up area 19.500 sq m
Production Hall:
Total 17.500 sq m
Ground Plan 138 m x 130 m
Height 12,5m, 9m ex cranes
Cranes Installed 5tons & 12tons
Admin Office space:
Total 2.400 sq m
Expansion area:
Total 175.000 sq m
Area 1 4.300 sq m
Area 2 12.000 sq m
Area 3 33.000 sq m
Area 4 125.000 sq m



Offices available

Adjustable & expandable
to the tenant´s needs



The PPG site is connected to all the standard utility infrastructure networks and services, necessary for industrial production, specifically: drinking water, natural gas and electricity supply and storm drainage and sanitary sewerage systems.

  • Water
    • HDPE DN 225 pipe, 31,0 l/sec
  • Electricity
    • connected to 22 kV distribution grid, 5 electric transformers
  • Natural Gas
    • DN 200 (300KPa) supply pipe
  • Drainage
    • entire site covered, leads to Rimava River
  • Sanitary Sewerage System
    • lead to wastewater treatment plant rebuilt in 2009-2010
  • Transportation
    • on the crossroad of two major state roads East-West (E58) & North-South (L72)
    • own railway branch to the station
    • internal tarmac roads with sidewalks



Build to suit warehouse
9.000 m²

in 2022


Use of PPG

PPG Site is ready to accommodate broad range of different types of manufacturing, assembly activities as well as warehousing operations. One of its main advantages is the versatility, which allows it to host the below mentioned types of industry:

  • Automotive and components
  • Machinery and Materials
  • Rubber and Tires production
  • Metal processing and production
  • Chemical production and processing
  • AgroChemical processing and distribution
  • Wood and Pulp processing
  • Construction and Building materials
  • General industry and Tooling

A number of world renowned producers already operate in close proximity of PPG, among others: Continental (DE), Johnson Controls (US), Slovalco (UK/NR), Yura (Korea), Brother (JP), Technogym (IT), Ojala Slovakia (FI) and many others.




Easy access to highways, railways and airport



PPG Industrial Park offers an exceptional opportunity, based on following factors (full list of advantages is available for evaluation upon request):

  • located excellently via EU Markets, transportation network, the region and town
  • positioned in the region with a large pool of educable and affordable workforce
  • enjoys full support of the state agency SARIO (promotes FDI)
  • customizable for many types of manufacturing need
  • forms a core of the Municipal Industrial Zone North
  • well build and rigorously maintained it is in excellent condition – ready for inspection
  • there is no environmental burden, attested by an environmental study
  • valid building permits, which allow immediate adjustments




① Private and public car parking
② Truck yard depth of 33 m with 10 docks
③ Drive in gates and docs
④ Gate house
⑤ Expansion area of 8,765 m²
⑥ Side loading area
⑦ 2 Firewalls – 3 compartments
⑧ Crain rails allow new cranes of 5 and 12 t
⑨ Up to 300 parking spaces
⑩ Current warehouse and productionspace up to 17,xxxm²
⑪ Office space


  • PPGemer Industrial Park is located in south-central Slovakia in the city of Rimavská Sobota.
  • The park is connected to the highways R1 (Zvolen 90km) and M3 (Hungary 125km).
  • The park is only three kilometers from the city center and the city’s bus and rail stations.
  • Three hotels and over five restaurants are located nearby.
  • The park offers easy access to three airports: Sliač (1 hr drive), Košice (1.5 hrs) and Budapest (2 hrs).
  • Its desirable location in the Rimavska Sobota area has already attracted many international investors, such as Adient Slovakia (Johnson Controls), YURA Eltex, LVD S3, Tauris and Essity Slovakia, with combined investments of more than 378 million EUR.




This set of photos provides the main views to the PPG site from the outside as well as from the inside of the Production Hall and Administrative Building. More photos are available upon the request via mail.

Leasing Options


Available NOW (1Q2022):

  • 17.500m² Warehouse space
  • 2.500m² Office space
  • Infrastructure in place
  • Railway siding operational
  • Valid Construction Permit


Expanded and adjusted to tenant´s needs (3Q2022):

  • Plus 9.000 m² new Warehouse
  • Office space upgrades
  • New loading docs installed
  • Sprinklers, Tanks (optional)
  • New parking and manipulation



Contact us


  • PPG Industrial Park, Košická cesta 1566,
  • 97901 Rimavská Sobota, Slovakia, EU

Postal Address

  • PPGemer, a.s., Mlynské Nivy 36,
  • 821 09 Bratislava, Slovakia, EU